“Coach” Victor Charles Prinzi 1936–1998

Victor Prinzi was a fifth-string quarterback at Florida State University when he first grabbed national attention. He played with lifelong friend and college roommate, actor Burt (Buddy) Reynolds, in the backfield. Four years later, as a senior co-captain of the 1958 team, he guided the Seminoles to a 7–4 record and a berth in the Bluegrass Bowl. [Read more]

J.R. Minard

After graduating from Wagner College on Staten Island, N.Y., J.R. soon recognized the plight of the delinquent teenager. Whether teaching in junior high and high school classrooms, or at home raising two daughters while working at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, young adults increasingly became the focus. [Read more]

Rosemary Ryan Imregi

Born and raised on Staten Island, New York, writing was always her passion. Her favorite assignments were essays or compositions and, as a teenager, she began submitting short stories to magazines. Ever pursuing the dream to write a novel, she attended Brookdale Community College and later wrote biographies in a monthly column for a local Florida newsletter. She has been writing ever since. [Read more]